March 7

MMA Coach Rafael Cordeiro reveals the story behind Rafael dos Anjos’ injury before UFC 196


Rafael dos Anjos, a 19-fight UFC veteran, was scheduled to defend his lightweight MMA title against featherweight kingpin Conor McGregor on March 5, but a broken foot will force the Brazilian to pull out from a fight for the first time in his UFC career.

MMA veteran Rafael dos Anjos was supposed to go against current featherweight champion Conor McGregor this coming UFC 196 to defend his lightweight title. Unfortunately, RDA broke his foot which ultimately got him pulled out from the scheduled fight- a first in his entire 19-fight career.

In a recent interview, Rafael Cordeiro, RDA’s coach, revealed what exactly went down when Dos Anjos had the injury. Apparently, dos Anjos was training at Kings MMA, which is situated in California, he injured his foot.

MMA Rafael dos Anjos“Unfortunately, an injury happened in his last training Friday. We were sparring, and Rafael threw a kick at the knee of the kid that was training with him. He immediately stopped kicking, put his foot on the ground, and felt a little pain. He put some ice, and couldn’t walk normally. He put more ice during the weekend to see if he would be able to train on Monday. On Monday, he contacted the UFC and said what happened. He asked to visit the UFC’s doctor, and they showed the fracture,” Cordeiro said.

The UFC has not yet released an official statement whether RDA will continue to fight RDA at the scheduled bout, or he will pull out from the fight.

“It was meant to happen, it was a misfortune. Unfortunately, it’s a full contact sport and (injuries) happens. We have to think about what’s next, what will happen, and how long it will take for him to recover. It will take at least three weeks until he’s able to train again, and then we will know when he will be able to fight again, so we can reschedule the fight without any problem,” Cordeiro said.

They also cannot provide the exact date as to when RDA will be back inside the cage. As soon as he does, Cordeiro said he will definitely show dos Anjos, and everybody for that matter, what he can do exactly.

“We are upset. Everybody waited for this fight,” he said. “The entire team is backing Rafael in this decision. Rafael’s health is what matters the most for us now. But that’s a fight we wanted, for sure. We know that Rafael has what it takes to beat (McGregor). This fight will absolutely happen, and Rafael will prove in there that he’s the best at 155 pounds.”


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