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FACT:  We are the oldest MMA gym in south Florida and home of the original 30 Day FREE Trial.  Now we have done something even crazier than a 30 Day FREE Trial… we are offering a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!  If you come to all your classes and after two months feel that our MMA gym isn’t for you, we will give you your money back.  Why don’t other MMA Miami gyms offer a 30 Day Free Trial or a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee?  It’s simple… because they are not confident in their service.  You have nothing to lose, come check us out!

Hello, I’m Marcos Avellan and thank you for visiting my website!  Starting martial arts is a super exciting time!  I still remember the first mixed martial arts class I took back in 1995 – and to this day, I remember how awesome the experience was.  Now you are just one step away from experiencing the thrill and satisfaction of training self defense while getting in great shape!

Let me share with you my background… I’ve been training in a mix of boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and the modern MMA style (aka UFC style) since 1995.  My gym, the Freestyle Fighting Academy, is the oldest modern MMA gym in Miami, having been open since 2001.  We also opened another MMA gym in Davie (Broward County) in 2008.

During all these years in operation, the FFA has trained thousands of people in mixed martial arts throughout Miami, Kendall, Doral, Homestead, Davie, Weston, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Sunrise, Plantation, and Fort Lauderdale.  We have given fantastic results for men, women, and children – ranging from ages four to sixty years old!

We have helped men and women lose thousands upon thousands of pounds – which we have all the before and after pictures to prove.  We have saved dozens of lives – which we have the testimonials from citizens, law enforcement, and military to prove.  We have won hundreds of professional MMA fights – which have been televised in major events such as Bodogfight, EliteXC, Strikeforce, Bellator, and the UFC.  Most importantly… we have changed more than ten thousand lives that have trained in our gyms since 2001 – they have all gained confidence, discipline, control over their minds and bodies, and friendships that have made an impact in every facet of their lives.

Quoted from MMA.TV on 5/29/04

We Are The Largest Mixed Martial Arts School In Miami, With Over A Thousand Students.  We train people from all sorts of career backgrounds: grade school teachers, lawyers, doctors, college students, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, real estate agents, stay at home moms, etc.  To accommodate the largest MMA student base in Miami, we have a state of the art over 12,000 square foot facility with four full size training rooms, a full size weight room, a full size cage, a full size boxing ring, locker rooms, showers, over twenty punching bags, and much more… furthermore, we have the best schedule in south Florida, offering over a hundred classes a week with over OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY hours of operation with classes going on from 6AM until 1:45AM – with open mat and weight room going on during non-class hours.

What You Do NOT Need…

  • You Do Not Need Any Experience
    I would say 99% of our students have never trained before upon starting up.
  • You Do Not Need To Be In Shape
    Our Mixed Martial Arts program is specifically designed taking into account that you may have the cardio of the average couch potato.
  • You Do Not Need Money
    We do not have to sign or buy anything to get started with our 30 Day FREE Trial! You can walk away on the 30thday – no questions asked!
  • You Do Not Have To Risk Anything
    We are the only MMA school in Miami and Davie that offers a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! Come to all your classes and if you decide training with us isn’t for you… we’ll give you your money back!

All You NEED To Start with us is the eagerness to take up a new hobby and the desire to live a healthier lifestyle.  We will motivate you… we will train you… and you will love it!

FFA Miami Training Room 1 of 5

Is This Too Good To Be True?  A few people hesitate to take us up on our amazing free offer because they think, “This is too good to be true… there has to be a catch!”  Well… there is a catch… the catch is that we have been in business for over a decade and have kept very good statistics… and since we started our 30 Day Free Trial in 2004, over 80% of the people that take us up on our free trial join as students!  Furthermore… of those 80% that join up with us… more than 90% of them decide to join in the first day after their free private lesson!  Our 30 Day Free Trial is just a lure to get you in the door… because we know you are going to absolutely LOVE IT here – and statistically speaking… you are going to know you want to join in the first day!  And if you aren’t sure in the first day – you have thirty days to try us out without signing or buying ANYTHING!


“Unlike other schools, their extended and liberal hours of operation provide a way for working professionals, students and families to participate at their convenience. Having traveled around the globe, I find that FFA is one of the best mixed martial arts and training centers worldwide.”

Ben Amaba Engineer and Father of Three

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But Who Is Marcos Avellan?

Why should you listen to me?

Quick background info on myself:

  • I’m a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Ricardo “Hellraiser” Teixeira and co-founder, along with my brother David, of our own system of martial arts called the Freestyle Fighting System.
  • I have over sixteen years of experience in mixed martial arts, having trained in wrestling, kickboxing, and BJJ.
  • I wrestled under Coach Tirso Valls who was a Division I wrestler out of Lock Haven University and Kickboxed for years under Coach Eric “El Tigre” Castanos who was a three-time kickboxing world champion and trainer to boxing world champion Jermain Taylor.

David Avellan, Marcos Avellan, Jermain Taylor, and Eric Castanos

  • I have traveled to Thailand and Cuba to train extensively in kickboxing and boxing respectively.
  • I opened up FFA in 2001 – it is south Florida’s oldest MMA gym.
  • FFA has two locations, in Miami and Davie, with our Miami location having over 1,000 students.
  • As of 2011, I have coached near three hundred fights, with a record of 194-74-1 (72% win rate).
  • David Avellan, Kru Robert, Kru Ngoo, Kru Ritt, and Marcos Avellan

  • I have coached fighters to fight on Bodogfight, EliteXC, Strikeforce, WEC, and the UFC.
  • I’ve had former students appear in four different seasons of the The Ultimate Fighter (Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres, Charles McCarthy, Marlon Sims, and Kimbo Slice).Kimbo Slice accepting an award for “Most Game Fighter” at the FFA Awards Banquet

    Kimbo Slice accepting an award for “Most Game Fighter” at the FFA Awards Banquet

  • My team has sent four athletes into the ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club), which is the Olympics of submission grappling (David Avellan, Rima Avellan, Enrico Cocco, and myself).
  • My brother is a four time ADCC veteran and placed 3rd in the World in ADCC 2009 Barcelona under 87kgs.
  • Kimbo Slice accepting an aware for "Most Game Fighter" at the FFA Awards Banquet

  • My brother and I have produced five black belts in our system (Enrico Cocco, Leonor Cocco, Mike Bernhard, Jorge Masvidal, and John Mangual).
  • I  have an amateur MMA record of 7-1 and a pro MMA record of 2-0-1.
  • I have won numerous grappling titles, including two national titles, with my biggest win being a shut out in the ADCC Trials, where I got the opportunity to represent the USA at the 2005 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships at 77kgs.  My brother and I have defeated many big name black belts and world champions.
  • I have coached Jason Soares (FFA Purple Belt) to win the 2011 FILA Submission Wrestling World Championships at 65kg in Serbia.  Jason Soares is FFA’s first World Champion grappler.
  • 2011 FILA World Champion Jason Soares in Serbia

    • I am one of the head speakers for the MMA Millionaires Consulting Group – speaking in front of thousands of MMA gym owners every year.  The group is headed by my business mentor, Master Lloyd Irvin.
    • I am married to my beautiful wife Rima and have three children: Amira, Marcos, and Lloyd.

    Ok… so if you didn’t know me, now you do!  That is a quick snap shot of some of my accomplishments and credentials. Please join my email list by submitting your information below.  By putting in your info below, you will get INSTANT access to the video “5 Ways To Choke A Man Unconscious” – PLUS, I will send you more videos weekly, along with lots of tips on MMA and grappling technique, drills, psychological concepts, conditioning and diet, martial arts philosophy, and much more!  You got nothing to lose, you can remove yourself from the list at any time – and it is FREE.  I do this because I love teaching – that is why I do what I do.  I will NOT send you JUNK!  I will only send you useful info – check it out!

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    Master Marcos Avellan