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Jose Aldo on Conor McGregor’s MMA welterweight loss: “I already knew that would happen.”


MMA featherweight champion Conor McGregor faced his first loss inside the cage last Saturday, submitting to Nate Diaz during the second round of the bout at UFC 196. Just minutes after the fight, former featherweight MMA champ Jose Aldo threw a shade at McGregor on social media. Scarface made it clear that he didn’t watch the fight live though.

Aldo was on Extra Ordinarios last Sunday night, and told one of the reporters from Combate that he was actually watching porn instead of watching the epic bout.

“I watch Sexy Hot at night, man. I already knew that would happen, I was just waiting. When I knew (about the result), I didn’t think twice and posted something (on Instagram), I knew that would happen. I said a while ago that he wouldn’t have anything by the end of the year, even the belt. He quit, couldn’t take it anymore, wanted to run away. He’s a p*ssy. He went down and quit. He was slapped in the face. He looked like a child, getting slapped in the face,” Aldo said, confirming that he didn’t watch the fight in real time.

Aldo lost his MMA belt, which he was able to hold on to for the longest time, by a knockout in just 13 seconds into the first round. Even though the fight ended in such a short time and considering the KO rate of the Irish fighter, Aldo said that McGregor’s hands actually have no power.

MMA Conor McGregor loss“Some fighters have a great punch, others don’t. His hands are actually made of soap. Of course that anyone goes down if you connect a blow in the chin. Even a child hitting in the chin, anyone goes down. He has hands of soup. He always hits and nobody ever feels it,” Aldo said during his interview on Extra Ordinarios.

Aldo even made fun of himself on his quick loss against McGregor.

“With me, they put a skateboard in there so I would slip,” he said while laughing. Aldo was most likely referring to the fight between Shogan Rua and Ovince St. Preux, where a skateboard flew out of nowhere causing Rua to slip.

McGregor will likely go down to 145 pounds to defend his title next, and Frankie Edgar was quick to ask for a shot at the champion. Aldo also wants and opportunity, and fired shots at “The Answer” on his social media.

The Irish champ will most likely have to defend his 145-pound MMA title next, and as expected, a lot of fighters wanted to get a chance to fight McGregor. Of course, Aldo wants another shot to get back at McGregor as well. Upon learning that Edgar also wants to get a chance to fight McGregor, Aldo shot back at “The Answer”. Here’s what he had to say:

“Frankie “The Answer” Edgar, I heard you were asking for a title shot. I respect you as a fighter, but let’s check the facts: you lost twice to Ben Henderson before coming to the 145 division and getting a title shot against me without having fought once in the featherweight division. We had a great fight, but everybody knows the result. You can’t come here now and cut the line, you have to wait because you don’t have any right to ask for a title shot yet. Conor McGregor: instead of running up to a different weight division and talking shit about me, you could make your time valuable and go to a real gym to learn real jiu-jitsu. I’ll be ready for you at UFC 200, so we can leave no doubt,” Aldo said.


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