January 20

Ronda Rousey on her career: “My career, there’s more left to do.”


One of the most in-demand fighters in the mixed martial arts sport today Ronda Rousey. Juggling between fights, marketing campaigns, and even movie stints, Rousey is undeniably one of the busiest fighters in the MMA industry. But despite the packed schedule that Rousey has, it does not affect how she fights inside the octagon. In fact, her fights does not reflect how busy she is at all. Rousey has a record of 12-0, 11 of which have ended seconds into the first round, while the rest of the four fights were done in less than 66 seconds.

These victories and the success that Rousey had were a reminiscent of Mike Tyson’s success according to experts and avid fans. In the mainstream media, Rousey’s success were greatly magnified and became bigger compared to other fighters.

MMA Ronda RouseyOf course, this kind of success comes with its own share of limelight. For those who are not used to being in the center of attention, it might generate an unusual pressure that may be difficult to handle. As for Rousey, she admitted she uses this same pressure as an advantage that sets her out from the rest of the fighters in the industry.

“I notice a lot of these girls, they would like to win a UFC belt and have that respect, but they’re not about that life. They don’t want that life. They don’t want that attention, scrutiny, pressure, and constant work and all of those things. They don’t want it. They want one thing without the other, but it all comes together. And that’s I think one thing that’s kind of working against them, is when they actually come in to fight me, they get a taste, a small taste, of what that life is going to be like when they’re a contender — because it is way more attention, way more this, way more that. And once you win the belt, it’s just doubled every single time. It’s more and more and more and more. And I don’t think any of them would actually be happy with that lifestyle. I don’t think they really, truly want it,” she said.

Rousey acknowledged the fact that in a few years, she will have to think about what her next plans would be. If her winning streak doesn’t stop anytime soon, she will have a better chance of getting successful gigs outside MMA. Hollywood can be a better source of comfortable lifestyle instead of getting beat up inside the octagon for a living.

For now, Rousey thinks that there are still a lot of things to be accomplished in her career.

“It just seems unfinished. My career, there’s more left to do. I don’t feel like I’m done yet. Because with the Olympics, it’s just like you win the gold medal and you’re done. With the UFC, when am I really done? But I’m not going to be doing this in my thirties. I don’t want to be fighting into my thirties. By thirties, I mean like 31, 32,” she added.


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